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Evergreen Content Marketing Tips To Help You Achieve Better Search Engine Results and Increased Traffic

When marketers talk about evergreen content, they’re talking about articles, videos and content that remains relevant as time goes by. Although trends come and go, if content endures, it will continue to attract visitors. However, many internet marketers don’t know how to come up with evergreen content. If you want your articles to continue bringing traffic to your site for years to come, follow the tips listed below.

Timeless Content Saves Time

Some article and blog topics are trendy, but others stay relevant. If you are selling a smartphone app, for instance, writing about its current version is important, but that’s hard to work into an evergreen piece. The other option you have is to get a SEO company Cape Town to write and promote evergreen content for you. You can strike a compromise when you dive into broader pieces on other topics. You can also check if there’s companies that offer SEO services like copy-writing or brand profile building services to speed up your content creation requirements for your business.

Include Advice That Doesn’t Go Out of Style

If there’s one piece of advice you should follow when making content evergreen, it’s that it should be useful as well. Think of subjects that come up every day, such as weight loss, self-help, local seo services and many others alike. Remember that valuable content isn’t as obvious in these days of viral social media campaigns, and you’ll need to find topics that get deeper into the subject, offering graphics, videos and articles. If you’re writing articles, then make sure you on-page SEO is done correctly, and make sure your website is error free or get SEO audit services to help you fix up all the SEO problems you have on your pages which will help you to get favored by search engines and achieve better visibility for your content. This in-turn to a better converting website, increased traffic from Google and other search engines and most importantly, more sales!

Don’t Put Too Much Focus on the Products

This may seem counter-intuitive at first. If you’re selling eBooks or other content online, don’t you need to describe them and their usage? While that may be true, it’s important to include those descriptions alongside content that won’t quickly lose its luster. That’s why you should write about related subjects, as opposed to the products you’re selling.

Combine Social Media Updates With Evergreen Video Content

Sites such as Youtube make it easy for IM pros to promote their products or services online with videos, but not many use the medium to create content that’s evergreen. These videos can rank high for years after an initial posting, and you can cash in by making a few of your own. All you have to do is recruit a SEO cape town agency to create a video for SEO purposes and then rank it on sites like Vimeo, youtube and Dailymotion to get some extra customers online. Include links to this content on your site, blog and social media pages, so it gets fed into your periodic updates. If you’re creating SEO videos for a local business, make sure you’re including your address and website link in your video descriptions, so that you customers can find your business. This is another form of evergreen content. You can use a local citation building service to do this for you on video sites and local listing sites if you just don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Be Patient

For most in the world of internet marketing, results are the most important thing. However, looking at things in the short term leaves you open to ignoring the crucial nature of evergreen content. It takes time for your content to be picked up by search engines like Google. What the pros do to speed up this process, is they use link building services to build some good natural backlinks to their content which helps it get indexed by all major search engines faster. Since search engines see “backlinks” as votes, these votes/links then help your content appear higher in the search results, so it’s a very powerful tactic when wanting to get traffic to your content. It doesn’t provide an instant payoff the way a video blog or tweet can, but it will gradually draw traffic. If it’s read by enough people, your business content may grow in popularity while delivering substantial search results.